Terms and Conditions - Puppy Purchase Payment Plan

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions before participating in our puppy purchase payment plan. By engaging in this payment plan, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined below:

1. Payment Schedule:

a. The total purchase price of the puppy will be divided into equal installments.

b. The first payment is due upon signing the agreement.

c. Subsequent payments are due on the same day of each month until the total purchase price is paid in full.

d. Late payments may be subject to additional fees and may result in cancellation of the payment plan.

2. Ownership:

a. The ownership of the puppy will remain with the seller until the total purchase price is paid in full.

b. The buyer is not allowed to transfer ownership or sell the puppy until all payments are made.

c. The buyer is not given AKC papers and paperwork until all payments are made.

3. Health and Care:

a. The seller guarantees that the puppy is in good health at the time of purchase.

b. The buyer agrees to provide proper veterinary care, including vaccinations and regular check-ups.

c. If the buyer fails to provide adequate care resulting in harm or neglect to the puppy, the seller may terminate the payment plan and reclaim ownership.

4. Default and Cancellation:

a. If the buyer fails to make a payment within 15 days of the due date, the payment plan may be terminated.

b. In the event of cancellation, the buyer forfeits all previous payments made.

c. The seller reserves the right to take legal action to recover unpaid amounts if necessary.

5. Refunds:

a. No refunds will be issued for payments made unless otherwise agreed upon by the seller.

b. If unforeseen circumstances arise and the seller cannot provide the puppy, all payments made will be fully refunded.

6. Miscellaneous:

a. Any changes to the payment plan must be agreed upon in writing by both the buyer and seller.

b. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of California USA.

c. Any disputes arising from this agreement will be resolved through arbitration.

By entering into this payment plan agreement, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions outlined above.

Please contact hello@familylovedfrenchies.com for contract and further details.